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  • Injury Report

    Hockey Canada has a program of General Liability and Accidental Medical Treatment insurance which are described in the Hockey Canada booklet “Safety Requires Teamwork”. A reading of this booklet is recommended. It should be noted that the insurance provides coverage for registered players and Team Officials for certain limited medical/dental and disability claims. It is not a comprehensive medical or disability policy and will not pay complete medical expenses or loss of wages in the event of a disabling injury.

    In the event of an injury, a Hockey Canada Injury Report must be completed and forwarded to the Hockey Calgary Office along with a copy of the game sheet (where appropriate). The Hockey Canada Injury Report is available by clicking here. Hockey Canada Injury Reports must be submitted within 90 days of the date of injury in order for a claim for expenses to be made. The Hockey Canada Insurance program is the secondary insurer – this means that a claim must be submitted first to any other plan available through an employer or independent provider.

    The report, along with any attachments should be mailed to Hockey Alberta at the following address: Hockey Alberta, 1 – 7875 48th Avenue, Red Deer, AB T4P 2K1

    Spring and Fall Junior Camps

    Each year players from the NWCAA receive invitations to attend spring and fall junior camps for Junior teams in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

    Those players attending any Spring and/or Fall Junior AJHL/WHL camps are required to complete the Hockey Calgary Letter of Permission Request. This request is submitted online at the link below. You will receive an immediate confirmation e-mail back from Hockey Calgary and this should be taken with you, or sent to the Junior club.

    This will then be the form “Permission to Attend” spring or fall Junior camps process that you are to submit or take with you to the Junior camp. Players that receive spring or fall forms from Junior teams are require to follow the above process. NWCAA DO NOT sign-off on Junior Camp forms issued by Junior teams.

    Letter of Permission Request

    Players may be required to include their Hockey Canada ID#. Please contact the NWCAA to obtain your player’s Hockey Canada ID#. Contact Doris for your player Hockey ID#.

    Please note that you must complete and submit a form for each camp you wish to attend.

    Travel Permit

    Permission from Hockey Calgary is required for teams to travel outside the city for non-scheduled games (tournaments and exhibition). These permits can be accessed from the a link on the Hockey Calgary website. Access user names and passwords will be given to Managers or Coaches only. Please contact Doris at to receive your team access code.

    According to the Calgary Minor Hockey website, Midget AAA teams do not get their travel permits from Hockey Calgary.

    Casino Volunteer Application

    The NWCAA qualifies to run a Casino approximately every 18 months. In order to do this, we need parent volunteers to man the various positions which calls for approximately 35 people to step forward and volunteer their time.

    Every team is expected to provide the names of six individuals who will be a part of the volunteer team running the Casino. Some of the volunteer positions require a back ground check for which a Casino Volunteer/Worker Application Form is required.

    Financial Assistance

    For those in financial need, financial assistance is available through the Calgary Flames Even Strength Program. Maximum funding per applicant will remain at $600.00 for 2014/2015 season.

    The deadline for applications is October 1, 2014.

    2014-15 FESP Application

  • Policies & Procedures

    NWCAA By-Laws

    A copy of the current NWCAA By-Laws can be accessed below.

    NWCAA BY-LAWS: Dated April 16, 2013

    If you have any questions, please contact our Secretary at

    Privacy Policy

    The North West Calgary Athletic Association is firmly committed to maintaining and respecting the privacy of your general and personally identifiable information. We will not share or sell any personally identifiable information we gather to any company, organization or person outside of NWCAA. There may from time to time be offers made to you which, in the opinion of NWCAA, constutues a product or service that falls within the Association’s mandate.

    Any general personal information you voluntarily provide when registering yourself or your child or when using the site, such as your name, address, e-mail address, will only be used to provide you with information that you specifically request from NWCAA or when NWCAA wishes to communicate information relevant to our operations and hockey program. In addition, we may use site statistics and the analysis of aggregate user data, such as computing the total number and regional locations of users.

    NWCAA and any third parties participating in the site will not use your general or personally identifiable information without your prior consent. We will ensure through our web site host that adequate security procedures are in place to protect any information collected from misuse.

    When we want to make significant changes to our Privacy Policy that would affect our use of general or personally identifiable information we collect, we will give notice to you and all users by posting the changes to the web site. We may also make non-significant changes to this Privacy Policy that will not affect our use of your personally identifiable information. We will post all changes on the site. You should periodically check this Privacy Policy for updates.

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    NWCAA Community Associations

    NWCAA Community Associations

    Financial Assistance

    For those in financial need, financial assistance is available through the Calgary Flames Evenstrength Program:
    Financial Assistance Application