Fri. Feb. 8
5:45 pm – Meet in the FDB boardroom
UofA Bears and UofC Dino coaches
will be talking to the Bruins

before and after the Dino’s game.

Dinos Game 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Players are to buy their own food at the game.
Team providing game tickets for players.
Parents are welcome but need to buy their own ticket.


Fri. Jan 25
1:00 pm   Arrive at Crowchild Twin Arenas
‘Turtleneck/sport coat’ theme dress code in effect.
Bring a pre-game meal. Team will supply water and snacks.
Bring study material if needed.

1:15pm     Bus departure
3:30 pm    Arrival time

6:15 pm   GAME TIME
ATB  Centre
74 Mauretania Rd W, Lethbridge, AB

After game on Friday
Potluck dinner provided at the hotel.

Parents are needed to shuttle players
to and from games on Saturday and Sunday.
Please sign consent form for your player
to ride with other parents.