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The Northwest Calgary Athletic Association operates a hockey program for Bantam, Midget and Junior aged players under the auspices of Elite Council which is a part of Calgary Minor Hockey Association. We draw players for our program from the communities located primarily in the North West quadrant of the City of Calgary. In addition our AAA programs at the Bantam, Midget and Junior B levels operate under programs overseen by Hockey Alberta.

The NWCAA AAA Bantam team participates in the Alberta Major Bantam Hockey League while our Bantam AA plays in a league under the auspices of AA Council, the governing body for elite hockey under Hockey Calgary. Our Minor AAA Midget (also referred to as Midget A) teams play in the Southern Conference of the Alberta Minor Midget Hockey League while our Midget AA teams are a part of AA Council. The NWCAA Midget AAA team plays in the Chrysler Division of the Alberta Major Midget Hockey League.

The Hockey Calgary Boundaries for the NWCAA are as follows:

Members include Bantam/Midget and Junior aged players who’s permanent residence is within the boundaries of the following Community Districts and junior aged players who qualify under Rule AA7:

Arbour Lake, Bowness, Citadel, Cougar Ridge, Crestmont, Dalhousie, Elbow Valley, Greenwood/Greenbriar, Hawkwood, Lynx Ridge, Montgomery, Parkdale, Point McKay, Ranchlands, Rocky Ridge, Royal Oak, Royal Vista, Scenic Acres, Silver Springs, St Andrews Heights, Tuscany, University Heights, University of Calgary Residence, Valley Ridge, Varsity, Wentworth, West Springs, as well as the residents of the Springbank Minor Hockey Association who reside outside the Calgary city limits.



The Northwest Calgary Athletic Association (NWCAA) runs a Hockey Development Program for hockey players who live in the catchment area as defined by Calgary Minor Hockey Association – primarily Northwest Calgary.  Our program provides for the further development of hockey players capable of playing at an elite level.


Our season starts with Preparation Camps which are held in mid-August and are followed by team try-outs which last until the end of September. By this time all coaches will have identified the players they want on their teams for the coming season. Those players who do not make a team in our program move back to their community for placement on a team there. In some instances, players sent back to a community might be designated as an affiliate player with one of the NWCAA teams, in which case they MIGHT be invited to practice with the team that they are affiliated and MIGHT be asked to fill in for an injured player for a game or more. Having said that, a player could be affiliated with a team and yet not get to play with a NWCAA team at all during the season.

Because not all players who try out successfully make a team in our program, ALL prospective players are STRONGLY urged to register for hockey within the community they reside in as well as participate in the player evaluations at the community level to ensure that they will play at the highest level possible should they return to the community.

The association is governed by a Board of Directors.  Our goal is to provide a quality hockey program that allows our athletes to grow both as hockey players and individuals. Our priority is the athlete’s development and enjoyment.

Each of our members, (players, parents, coaches, managers, trainers and directors) contributes to the continued success of the NWCAA; we appreciate your help.

During the hockey season each team is assigned a Coordinator to act as the liaison between our members and the NWCAA Board of Directors. If you have concerns, questions or suggestions about your team, please discuss them with your Team Coordinator, he/she will try to assist!

Bantam AA313 & 14
Bantam AAA113 & 14
Minor Midget AAA215
Midget AA216 & 17
Midget AAA116 & 17
Junior B218, 19, 20 & 21


A boundary review was conducted in late May 2014. Please note the community changes are as follows:

  • Brentwood, Briar Hill, Houndsfield Heights and West Hillhurst are now in the Calgary Northstars Hockey Association (CNHA) boundary
  • Patterson is now in the Calgary Royals Hockey Association (CRAA) boundary

(Players from those communities who played for the NWCAA last season will remain with the NWCAA, the change is for incoming players only.)

The Grandfather Clause will be restricted to graduating Peewee players who have brothers or sisters playing in Elite Hockey. Therefore, the players involved in a boundary change will report the same year of the change to their new quadrant. If changes to the boundary are forthcoming, players previously signed by Elite teams must remain the property of that association.

Bantam (ages; 13, 14), Midget (ages; 15, 16, 17) whose permanent residence is within the boundaries of the following Community Districts and Junior aged players (ages; 18, 19, 20, 21) who qualify under Rule AA7:

Arbour Lake
Cougar Ridge
Elbow Valley
Lynx Ridge
Point McKay
Rocky Ridge
Royal Oak
Royal Vista
Scenic Acres
Silver Springs
St Andrews Heights
University Heights
U of C Residence
Valley Ridge
West Springs

As well as the residents of the Springbank Minor Hockey Association who reside outside the Calgary city limits.

For Junior aged players

The Calgary Junior Hockey League (CJHL) is under the direction of Hockey Calgary and Elite Council. In the CJHL providing the player is eighteen (18) years of age and either employed in the City of Calgary or attending an educational institute, his/her residence need not be in Zone 9. A player who is visiting Calgary on an international/national cultural exchange or attending a post-secondary educational institution will be allowed to register with the appropriate documentation.

Boundary Maps: