Kelowna Tournament

This is just an overview of the weekend.
Please refer to Jodi’s email for more details.

Fri. Oct. 26
6:30 AM   Departure from Crowchild Twin Arenas

The theme for the bus ride is “Hawaiian Shirt”.
Players will be allowed to wear track suits onto the bus Friday morning.

5:00 pm   Game    Bruins vs South Zone
Kelowna Memorial Arena

Sat, Oct 27
10:15 am  GAME    Bruins @ North Zone
Rutland Twin Arena

Sat, Oct 27
5:00 pm  GAME  Bruins @ Fernie
Rutland Twin Arena

There will be a Costume Competition
after dinner on Saturday night for the boys.
Parents are encouraged to participate too!

Sun. Oct 28
There are plenty of scenarios for this day.


Red Deer Itinerary

Sat. Oct. 13

12:45 pm   Arrive at Crowchild Twin Arenas
Players expected to be wearing dress clothes
can change into comfy clothes for bus ride but need to be changed and ready when bus arrives at game
Players bring a pre-game meal
keeping in mind of other player allergies
Team will supply water and snacks

1:00 pm     Bus departure

3:15 pm    Arrival time

4:45 pm   Game time
Servus Arena
4725 – 43 St Red Deer

7:30 pm    Bus back to Calgary
Pizza will be provided on the bus

9:45 pm   Arrive back to Crowchild Twin Arenas
Players expected to have dress clothes on when arriving back in Calgary