Hockey Calgary Parent Appreciation Night

Hockey Calgary is excited to announce they are partnering with the Calgary Stampede to host their inaugural Parent Appreciation Night!  Using the link below, Hockey Calgary parents will receive free tickets for entry to the Battle of Alberta viewing event – which includes live bands and door prizes (buffet dinner is available at an extra charge).

E-vite Link:

Jr. B Stamps Players Awarded Scholarships

Congratulations go out to Kyle Exner and Caleb Laser (NWCAA Jr. B Stamps) who were each awarded a scholarship through the Friends of Alberta Junior Hockey Society.

Kyle Exner was awarded the Mark Goodkey Memorial Scholarship which is for highest academic. Kyle is taking a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Calgary.

Caleb Laser was awarded a Charles S Noble Scholarship. Caleb is taking a Bachelor of Nursing at Mount Royal University. 

Junior Camps (“Junior A” / “WHL”) – “Letter of Permission Request”

NWCAA players attending any Spring or Fall Junior “A”/”WHL” camps are required to complete the Hockey Calgary Letter of Permission Request. This request is submitted online at the link below. An auto reply e-mail  is no longer generated, please allow a minimum of 48 hours for the confirmation email to be returned to the recipient at the e-mail address that you provided when completing the request.

The returned confirmation will then be the form “Permission to Attend” for Spring/Fall Junior Camps that you are to submit or take with you to the Junior camp. Players that receive Spring/Fall forms from Junior teams are required to follow the above process. **The NWCAA President or Registrar will no longer sign-off on Junior Camp forms issued by Junior teams, you must complete the online form as indicated

Letter of Permission Request  “click for direct link”

All forms require the Players Hockey Canada Identification Number, which may be obtained from the NWCAA registrar at

*Please note that you must submit a form for each camp you attend.


View here for Hockey Alberta’s directive regarding Midget eligible players and out of province teams. 

View here for message from all Western Branches on Midget Eligibility.


Respect in Sport (RIS) *New* Re-certification

Hockey Calgary has instituted re-certification of the Respect In Sport (“RIS”) Program. Re-certification will be required every 4 years beginning 2017-18 Season.  All Parents that completed the RIS course prior to January 1, 2014 will have their certification reset and will be required to re-certify prior to registration.  

Hockey Calgary has mandated that if re-certification is not obtained, your child will be removed from the evaluation lists and will not be permitted to evaluate until such time as a valid certification is achieved.

Respect in Sport – Program Information for Parents and Players 

Take the RIS Course for; Parents/Players

Take the RIS Activity Leaders Course for; Coaches/Trainers



The NWCAA hockey program requires a substantial amount of financing in order to be effective in developing our players. Sponsorship’s, be they corporate or individual, are an essential part of our funding. We welcome offers from businesses and/or individuals to sponsor our activities and if you are interested in doing so, please contact Joe at with any proposal you might have in mind. Your interest in supporting our players is very much appreciated.

Advertisement Opportunity – click link below to view more information


It’s for the kids – “Volunteer”!

Parents (members) you are the essential part of a “team” which is reflected on the overall experience of both the player and the parent. Your players depend on you to make a memorable year. You are the advocate for respect, sportsmanship, enjoyment, loyalty and teamwork by volunteering.

Every member is required to volunteer for various tasks.

Let’s enjoy our great game of hockey. Good luck with your hockey season!